What We Do

We engage diverse employers seeking qualified talent and match employment opportunities with motivated residents of Paterson. Our cooperative work with faith-based partners, from within and around the Paterson community, is a synergistic effort that ultimately fosters measurable economic growth and advancement for both the employer and employee alike. CJN aims to serve as the uncommon bridge to facilitate a successful union of Paterson's untapped potential with locally established employers in search of well matched, skillful talent.

Who We Help

Underemployed/Unemployed residents of Paterson, referred from our abundant network of churches, ministries and faith-based non-profits, who are job-ready, proficient, and motivated to not only prosper, but beneficially contribute to the employer's enterprise.

Why We Do It

In the spirit of the Good Samaritan, our goal is to love, exemplify compassion, and provide for our disadvantaged neighbors in Paterson. We stand with people who are at a critical juncture, a crossroads, in their life and offer personal direction and encourage accountability through employment.


Our performance as a devoted team is measured by how many Paterson residents we employ through our dynamic job network. As a faith-filled non-profit, we are equally focused on the success of individuals, as well as the success of the companies that furnish employment.

Our Mission

Redeem people and transform communities, one job at a time.

In the spirit of the Good Samaritan, our goal is to love and provide for our neighbors in Paterson. We stand with people who are at a crossroad in their life and provide direction and accountability through meaningful work. By coordinating and partnering with local Christian churches, ministries and organizations, our efforts multiply the good works of those already serving Paterson.

Our Partners

Partners skilled in building, operating and managing companies

  • Larry Hartman

    CEO ZRG Partners West Orange, NJ T 201.560.9900 lhartmann@zrgpartners.com www.zrgpartners.com
  • Terry Baker

    President RealMatch, Inc. New York, New York T: 212.419.4649 tbaker@realmatch.com
  • Ron Barna

    Owner Paramus Chevrolet Paramus, NJ T: 201.261.7100 rbarna@optonline.net
  • Jerry Brakovich

    Managing Director ZRG Partners, LLC West Orange, NJ T 201.783.4888 jbratkovich@zrgpartners.com www.zrgpartners.com
  • Chuck Eapen

    Area Chair The C12 Group Northern New Jersey T 201-565-8200 www.c12northnj.com
  • Tom Grieco

    Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Executive tcgrieco@gmail.com
  • Raj Gupta

    Business Development Impact Paterson Paterson, NJ T 973-988-2999 raj@impactpaterson.com www.impactpaterson.com  
  • Bill Roesch

    Executive Director Impact Paterson Paterson, NJ T 973-587-8755 bill@impactpaterson.com www.impactpaterson.com

Transforming Lives One Job at a Time...

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